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Russell Floren
Patricia Pin

Sweet Relic was developed as a venture gleamed from our experiences in accommodation which encompassed an existing antique, book & historical art Business. Co-owners Russell & Patricia combined their interests & skills to create Sweet Relic, a bakery, bookshop & clock shop.

Filmmaker, Publisher, Author, Editor, Cinematographer, Lecturer, Guide, Antique Dealer, and Hotelier, Russell Floren, has been telling stories for over 20 years. He has spent his career searching out and documenting vanishing pieces of maritime history, and bringing it to viewers and readers since 1988 with his company, Lynx Images. Along with 2 others partners, they have made over 20 films, and published 40 books.

Russell can be found most days in the bookshop unpacking new book arrivals daily which he personally orders to add to the ever burgeoning bookshop.

With her extensive background in fashion & interior design, Patricia Pin created the interior space of Sweet Relic with a blend of antique tables, & cabinets, recycling fixtures where possible to make a comfortable environment to transform an old building for a modern purpose.

All products, especially the espresso, have gone through rigorous taste tests, & must pass muster with her memories of coffee consumed while living in Italy.

Patricia has been baking for friends & family for the past 20 years. Born to Italian parents, her favourite desserts are made using fresh natural seasonal ingredients which are reminiscent of the sweets from Italy. You can track down Patricia at the shop where she occasionally steps behind the counter. The rest of the time she is baking or working on her encaustic art.

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